There are two planned excursions for Thursday afternoon.

State Library of Victoria

Cost: Free.

The first is a tour of the State Library of Victoria’s exhibit called “The World of the Book” after which a librarian will show a selection of their medieval manuscripts. The State Library of Victoria is located on the corner of Russell and LaTrobe Streets, Melbourne, near Melbourne Central Station. Please check out the virtual exhibit and see if you are interested. Please register your interest in the Attendance section of the Booking Form.

Please Note: the State Library of Victoria has closed until at least 13 April 2020. For more information, visit their website.

Heraldic Walking Tour of Melbourne

Cost: Free.

At the same time as the State Library tour is the Heraldic Walking Tour of Melbourne. The City of Melbourne is dense in 19th and 20th century examples of civic, royal, and organisational heraldry. While these examples are not medieval, these everyday examples directly influence SCA members’ ideas of suitable historical heraldic display (for example, compare the arms of Lochac with the equally starry:

  • pre-1912 coat of arms of the Commonwealth of Australia
  • the coat of arms of New South Wales
  • the unofficial “Advance Australia” arms)

A short, 2.5km (1.55 mile) walking tour of the southern part of Melbourne’s Central Business District is proposed, with five “stops” of varying lengths. While the tour itself would take approximately half an hour to walk, it is likely that a significant period of time will be spent admiring the ANZ Gothic Bank in particular.

Proposed Route:

This route assumes that the tour will begin and end at the CAE precinct. Please register your interest in the Attendance section of the Booking Form.

Alternatively …

If you are not interested in either excursion, please consider it a time to get together with your fellow Heralds and Scribes as a social time!

Art Gallery of Ballarat

Please be aware that is is during the day, on Friday, so this is instead of attending the Roadshow/Scriptorium.

The address is 40 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat VIC 3350. The Gallery is located within walking distance of the train station. The Gallery has the Crouch Collection of manuscripts of over 10 medieval books and texts, including:

Entry into the Gallery is free, with guided tours available for groups if there is interest. However, as it is a distance away from Melbourne, transport can either be by public transport (myki needed to travel on public transport; please see the website for info on travelling to zone 8: Ballarat) or a hire car (costs to be shared between those interested; roughly $216 for the day for a 12-seater van). Please register your interest on the Booking Form.