Zoom Backgrounds

As KWHSS is running virtually, we have gathered together places where you can find pre-1600 themed images online without copyright restrictions to use as a background during your Zoom presentation. In all cases, please double-check any licenses associated with the image you want before using them.

If you would like to be virtually transported to Melbourne, Australia, the home of the Barony of Stormhold and our cousins in the Barony of Kraé Glas, here are a selection of sites offering photographs of our city that are free to use:

If you would like to represent your SCA Kingdom and you’re lucky enough to live in An Tir, Oddr Þiálfason has very kindly created this heraldic Zoom background in PNG format, for use. Thank-you Oddr!


Pre-requisites and how to change your background.

Please see Zoom’s website for further information.